Monday, January 30, 2012

wait....Janurary is over!?!? when did that happen!?!?

i can not believe that on Wednesday it'll be February already!!!!! Where did January go!?!?! kiddo went back to school on the 3rd, hubby went back to work full time on the 9th and then there was silence. i know here we had few days off of school and it was tons of fun having long weekends. it's still a bit weird being "alone" again for most of the day. max is here with me of course, but he's mostly sleeping. January had a few birthdays and yesterday a very dear friend of mine welcomed their second daughter to their family! so so very happy for them!

i've added two more books towards my reading goal and i'm so happy i'm finally getting into The Game of Thrones book. i've had the series sitting around for quite some time and just kept putting it off, but not any more! tho i may take a break from it since i just requested a few books from the library, but they appear to be easy quick reads.

February will be quick i know! it always is, even with an extra day. my hubby and i will be celebrating our 10yr anniversary in March! i am so excited about this! we've been tossing around the idea of having a party to celebrate this, so i'm pretty sure all the planning for that even will have to take place in Feb. in April, our daughter will be 10!!! another event i'm crazy excited about! so March will most likely be about planning for that celebration! i have no clue what kind of look i want for our anniversary party and when talking to my kiddo yesterday, i now know what colors she wants around the house for her party, so that will help me come up with an over all look. now if i only had about an extra room for all the girls she wants to invite, i'd be less nervous!

i remember my parents throwing me a surprise party for my 10th birthday. it was fun and there were a lot of girls there. some i'm surprised that showed up, but happy nontheless. any special birthday memories you have from growing up? any thing from those parties that really stand out? please share! i'd love more ideas!


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