Wednesday, January 25, 2012

empty space....

this lovely piece is pretty new to our home. we've been looking for a nice way to store our many games and also my collection of cookbooks, which are in the cabinet with the solid door. now that the holidays are over....i'm left with empty space again on top. no clue what to put here. we don't have many "display" pieces so i'm pretty stumped on this one. i need to get some more recent photos of the kiddo printed out and framed so that's one idea, but i'd like something a bit.....more.

we do a weekly trip to our local antique stores, where this piece actually came from one such trip. we LOVE LOVE LOVE our local shops. like, they know us by name now and will usually keep an eye out for something we may be interested in....that's how much we love going.

any thoughts? any ideas? suggestions?! please!?!?!?


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