Wednesday, January 25, 2012

feelin like a zombie

i am going to be completely honest right now and say honestly that the past 2 days....i've been a horrible wife. tho i actually did cook monday night, tuesday was leftovers (which was perfect due to short timing due to hubby having to teach class last night) but other then that.....pfffft. nothing. some dishes did get done and some laundry. orange juice request was filled and also picked up more vitamins for my kiddo. dinner tonight? eh...i've got hours yet to plan and cook. it'll get done.

the reason for my wonderful headaches. one started monday, continued into yesterday...and sloooooowly trailing off today. yes i've been to the doctor. yes i've tried stuff. but thanks to the lovely estrogen hormone, i get some pretty wicked headaches. can't say i love 'em. they're pretty much a pain in the....well head actually. i can function pretty normal when i have too. kid does get picked up from school, has a pretty healthful lunch to eat, and has clean clothes. am i the most talkative, playful, cheerful mom during this? nope. but i'm there. do i hate that i'm not the most talkative, playful and cheerful mom? yup. hate with a passion. but i know only a few days out of the month i get to be a zombie.


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