Friday, January 13, 2012

Buffalo Chicken "meat"ball Subs

one day while hubby and i were shopping at the grocery store we came across pre-made Buffalo Chicken "meat"balls.....bought them....tried can do better. and we did. here's our recipe for:

Buffalo Chicken "meat"ball Hoagies/Subs

please note: nothing was properly measured out, it was "add some of this..some of that" and it turned out so delish!

in a mixing bowl mix 1lb of ground chicken, two eggs, breadcrumbs, sliced green onions, blue cheese crumbles and your fav wing sauce (we used Frank's) to taste. if you like your wings spicy then pour it on! just remember to increase the breadcrumbs so the mix isn't too "wet". roll into decent size meatballs and bake at 350 degrees for 15-20 mins or until baked through.

they will come out smelling so yummy and looking like this!

then take your hoagie/sub rolls and spread on some blue cheese dressing, lettuce (we had a salad mix on hand with different kinds of lettuce. you can use just plain ol'iceberg or romaine lettuce) then place your "meat"balls, add some more wing sauce, some more blue cheese if you'd like and enjoy!

these have SUCH a great taste!!!! for our daughter we made some "meat"balls without a ton of sauce to make them mild for her. they were even BETTER the next day!!! we had some blue cheese crumbles left over, so when we made up some for lunch, we melted the blue cheese over while the "meat" balls were heating up...OH.MY.YUM!!!! we served coleslaw as a side. Enjoy!!!


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