Wednesday, June 27, 2012

something sorta crafty

in our home we have a special treat that we like to get occasionally when we hit up our fav place to get sandwiches. it's a chocolate drink called Yoohoo. if you've never had should. they're awesome. goes great with a roast beef/turkey/american cheese/mayo/lettuce/tomato sub. just sayin.

so i had some bottles sitting around waiting to be recycled. and the more i looked at them the more i thought....hmmm.....these would make pretty, simple vases. so that's what i did with them. soaked off the labels, washed the goo off, and rinsed them out. picked up pretty carnations up at the grocery store and taaaaadaaa!!!! easy peasy simple pretty vases. and i recycled! bonus!

then later i remembered i had a book i hadn't read yet just sitting around waiting for me to remember....shocking i know!!! i can not believe that i forgot a book!!! shame on me. so i mixed up a quick iced coffee in one of my new fav cups (it's actually A's cup...shhhh) and started to read. not too shabby for an end to the day.

what have you been reading? anything interesting? funny? romantic? sad?.....i'll read them all!



  1. Check out "Cinder". I think you'll like it!

  2. I just read that!! It was really good! I am very impatient tho waiting for sequels >.<

  3. I just finished debbie macombers blossom street series, I have the demon trappers daughter still to read, and the latest installment of morganville vampires, have a few more but cant think of them while sitting in the pool lol

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