Monday, June 25, 2012

Hotel Doggieville

we recently watched our friends dog while they flew over to the east coast to visit family. they have a beagle named AJ. my friend's nephew had the honor of naming her and AJ stands for "Apple Juice" isn't that cute!!! miss AJ is our dog Max's bestest friend. they LOOOOOVE each other!!! they will sleep next to each other.....well......that is when AJ will share a spot on the couch....tho most times we find her like this:

they love to play together. chase games, tug-o-war games, sneak up on each other's the funniest watching them. and they're both so ok with being around kids that they pretty much let A do what ever to either of them....things like this....

maaaarvulous ms. aj

and mr. max feeling most faaaaboulous today.

these dogs are awesome.


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