Monday, March 12, 2012

i want my hour back.

so last night plain sleepless for me. i think i may have hour. i didn't have any tea/coffee/caffeine too late in the day, i wasn't stressed, nothing buggin me....i have no clue why i couldn't just sleep.

it turned into just thoughts after thoughts...."i haven't blogging in awhile...i should think of something to write" ( and i swear i wrote like 3 blogs in my mind last night) then it went to memories of when kiddo was little and we use to make up "baby stories" for her at random. then i went on "writing" one of those in my head in hope to print it out and send it to my friend whose always wanted to illustrate one of those stories.

then the random itchies know the kind. you're just laying there all comfy when all of a sudden your left calf itches....then you upper right arm...then the left side of your head.....then your back......then back to the right's horrible.

then you get all settled again and it's quiet.....except hubby was snoring. yup...sorry love but you were. then it's gentle moving and nudging to "wake" him up to stop snoring. yeah....didn't happen. snore.....snore.......snore.......sigh.

then it's trying different sleeping positions: back, right side, left side, tummy, back to trying curled up on the right side again. then...just as i got somewhat comfy....i had to use the bathroom. sigh.

then it's walking in the dark with no glasses. now mind you, i'm like not completely blind, but sheesh! it's a strong prescription. so everything is fuzzy and dark and even tho i know my way around my own home at night, i still look out for things. ::pause to give quick back story::: i have an older sister.....she and i would ALWAYS try to scare the poo out of each other growing up. sometimes i'd win, sometimes she'd win. but mostly it was her "torturing" me. there was one time where i was waiting for her to come in and say good night (she's 11 1/2yrs older and was always my "babysitter" when our parents were out). now my bed room door opened to a long hallway where the top of the stairs came out too....she snuck up the stairs quiet as a mouse and as i'm watching the stairs for her anxiously, cause even tho i called for her like 5 times....she didn't answer. i was like 7 maybe so i was mildly as i'm looking down the hall....slooowwwlllly just her heads appears from the top of the stairs!!!! i totally SCREAMED!!!! so.....yeah...i'm just a tad jumpy at night. (thanks's totally all your fault) so back to the main point of i'm walking to the bathroom in the dark i look down our hallway to make sure everything is ok....when all of a sudden all the scary movie/tv show creepiness come rushing into my head and i mildly freakout. i KNOW there's nothing in the house to get me....i KNOW!!!! BUT.....there's a very miniscule chance that there could be. so......yeah. that happened. i rush back to bed trying not to just jump over hubby to my side cause i wouldn't want to disturb his peaceful peaceful slumber. sigh.

back to trying to get comfy again. but all the time making sure that no body part is hanging off the bed. cause there's STILL THAT CHANCE OF SOMETHING BEING UNDER THE BED!!!! don't laugh.

just as i was entering a dream of talking to hubby about not being able to sleep the dark is broken by the bathroom light. it's time for him to get up and get ready for work. and my own alarm will be going off in 40mins.

i'm so screwed for energy today.

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