Wednesday, February 8, 2012

germ warfare

monday started off normal then went kinda crazy. my normal routine of dropping the kiddo off at school then working with my reading intervention kids (i work with them for a 1/2hr mon-thurs to get their reading fluency up to grade level) but not this monday. the computer servers were down and by the time they would actually be up and running and we'd have internet access again, we'd be out of time to be productive, so off to shop for some much needed groceries. finally got home and was STARVING!!! how is it that even when you spend copious amounts of money to buy food to fill your pantry and fridge....THERE'S STILL NOTHING TO EAT!?!?!? ugh!! just as i was settling down to watch a quick episode of season 2 phone buzzes at me..."dentist appt at 11am" off to the shower i dash to get ready and jet over to the dentist. finally home again and completely exhausted. i failed to mention earlier that i had basically no sleep the night before, just couldn't sleep. then comes time to pick kiddo up from school, homework starts along with a much sniffly and runny nose. uh oh. then a cough slips in here or there.....more sniffles.

tuesday morning she comes and snuggles into my hubby's spot he just left to go get ready for work, and she's burning up. no school for her. she's in zombie mode. really pale, nosing running off her face, can't eat cause the thought of food makes her tummy upset but still really staving, throat hurting, head hurting.....ok gotta make a doc appt. there's strep going around so we tested her and thankfully it came back negative. just rest, fluids, and more rest. so off to be a zombie even more the rest of the day. watched tv snuggled on the couch, coaxed her into drinking some honey laden tea, heated up some chicken broth, and downed some ice pops. not too shabby of a day really if only the sickies were taken away.

i kept her home again today to get some more rest. the fever hasn't come back and her throat is feeling much better already. her appetite has come back which is good. we had a great friend drop off her homework/classwork from school yesterday so she's been working on that and playing and just taking it easy. she's one of the lucky kids who rarely if ever get sick. even as a baby, she hardly ever got sick. we saw the doc about twice a year...once for a yearly check up/shots and once for a mild/kinda bad cold. i'm so so so so thankful she's not prone to sickness. we do our best as parents to ensure she's eating the right foods to stay healthy. i know we slip sometimes here and there, but for the most part, dinners are 90% of the time cooked at home from close to scratch and i like to keep a decent amount of fruits and veggies in the house. yes some junk slips in, i'm in no ways perfect, but i kinda limit how much of it she can eat.

so that's where i've been the past few days. trying to get my kiddo back to 100% and working on things around the house. hope all has been well with you!


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